MOVESET System Hardware
MOVESET Sensor Package Expanded View

New vehicles are being equipped with a variety of on-board sensors, as well as DSRC and cellular radios. These sensors and connectivity capabilities create opportunities for innovative applications for flow control, route planning, and road safety. Such applications rely on up-to-date data transmitted by the vehicles to analyze real time road and driving conditions. Due to the time-sensitive nature of these data, it is important to identify and understand connectivity characteristics that impact vehicle data sharing and communication, including both vehicle-to-vehicle communication through DSRC and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication through cellular channels. We present MOdular VEhicle SEnsor Technology (MOVESET) - a low cost vehicle sensor package that allows independent research groups to create datasets of vehicle sensors readings correlated with measurements of cellular and DSRC connectivity. We also present a dataset of measurements conducted in September of 2016 on an interstate and rural highways along the Bozeman, MT, Billings, MT, Red Lodge, MT, Bozeman, MT route. In the future we will add additional datasets. We hope that the MOVESET sensor platform and the presented dataset will make it easier for the research community to design and evaluate data integration applications for connected vehicles.